Transactional Representation

Palermo | Corporate Real Estate Advisors provides unrivaled, fully integrated and targeted commercial real estate services and solutions to corporate and institutional clients interested in relocating, renewing, or expanding their office presence.


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When negotiating a new or renewal lease or purchase/sale agreement, both the property owner and the client seek terms that protect their respective best interests. By clearly understanding prevailing market conditions, PALERMO | CREA ensures that its clients are fully informed and protected in all negotiating situations. Clients are provided with up-to-the-minute market intelligence on every aspect of the commercial real estate transaction, including: site selection, acquisition, disposition, and leasing (renewal, expansion, or relocation). Our clients range from companies with a pure local focus to global, Fortune 500 multinationals each sharing similar challenges in terms of the redevelopment and movement of corporate resources, including personnel, from one location to another.

Our group models executable plans that systematically guide our clients thru real estate decisions and relocation analysis which includes:

  • Identification and definition of the client’s scope vis-a-vis the adoption of a formal programming exercise.
  • Evaluation of the economics of a relocation/expansion and/or consolidation.
  • Comparison of staff, occupancy and operating costs before and after a relocation/consolidation.
  • Evaluation of proximity needs to suppliers, service firms, airports, special labor pools.
  • Evaluation of one-time costs associated with lease termination or property sale, relocation of equipment and fixtures, decommissioning or “down time” during the move, recommissioning equipment and set-up costs, staff relocation costs, employee and contractor interim housing and the attraction and retention of valuable employees.
  • Calculation of liabilities such as early lease termination and staff termination benefits.
  • Identification of new location(s) that meet or exceed the client’s criteria.
  • Assessment of commuting patterns and other quality of life/work issues.
  • Assistance in real estate broker and facility management selection and service monitoring.

Financial Structuring

With extensive experience in structuring debt and equity financial transactions, PALERMO | CREA works closely with client’s accounting, treasury, finance and compliance departments, along with its lenders, to craft solutions that guide companies through the myriad of capital market alternatives. PALERMO | CREA assists its clients in the review, analysis and financial engineering of every phase of the transaction cycle.

The firm provides any one or combinations of the following services:

* Capitalization studies balancing the proper amount of debt and equity financing required to maximize the investment’s return and lower the corporate/institutional client’s occupancy costs.
* Acquisition analysis and due diligence services including market, project and financing feasibility.
* Lease, ground lease, rent roll and operating expense analysis.
* Post development/acquisition value creation.