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PALERMO | Corporate Real Estate Advisors connects corporate and institutional clients interested in relocating, renewing, or expanding with customized, fully integrated real estate solutions.
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Project Management

An Integrated Approach to Project Delivery

PALERMO | CREA coordinates a team effort where the owner, contractor, and design/engineering professionals work together to produce a project that is not only on budget, but presents a design image that evokes the client’s character and culture while satisfying their programmatic needs.

Through the creative use of cost effective materials and efficiently planned spaces, balanced by constant budget monitoring, our firm delivers to the client a building which is “value designed,” not after-the-fact “value engineered”. Completed as a collaborative process, the resulting building exceeds all of the owner’s expectations.

Managers of the Process

PALERMO | CREA offers an integrated approach to design/engineering, construction and development, IT integration and furniture and personnel relocation services, coordinating all team members required to provide seamless delivery of all phases of a designed project.

The firm is uniquely experienced in the field of laboratory real estate, having worked on dry and wet biological lab assignments as well as chemistry lab projects amassing +250,000 square feet.

Planning and Design

PALERMO | CREA will competitively bid the client’s assignment to pre-qualified project architectural and civil, structural, and MEP engineering firms. The group actively negotiates the terms and provisions of the various design contracts so that the interests of the client are afforded projection.


As in the case immediately above, we identify qualified general contractors after a rigorous review process, and competitively bid the project scope utilizing transparent, supply chain procurement methodologies. PALERMO | CREA works in conjunction with our client’s legal representative by offering market-tested contract provisions which are designed to maximize the client’s invested capital and simultaneously limit its liability exposure.

From planning, through construction and the start-up commissioning of operations, PALERMO | CREA focuses on meeting our client’s objectives first —scope, schedule, budget/profitability—, while allowing them to focus on their specific business niche.

Tax Abatement/Municipal Incentives Procurement

Tax abatement and municipal incentives can be a difficult and confusing process. Without proper negotiation, you may not be capturing the maximum available savings. PALERMO | CREA will assist with tax abatement questions as well as negotiate to get your company the most robust municipal incentives package available.

Since 1993, Damon Palermo has logged extensive economic development experience in the public and private sectors. As a result, the firm has extensive knowledge of state and local incentive programs and an established contract network of economic development decision-makers, thereby enhancing negotiation performance for maximum incentives.

Although the larger volume of success for the firm has occurred in Montgomery County, Texas, with a staggering record of 32 successfully negotiated incentive contracts, our assignments have also included the evaluation of several states’ and counties’ offerings. The goal of this service model is to provide our corporate clientele with the tools and analyses to make informed decisions as they embark on fundamental business relocation choices that will likely impact their business for years to come.

Methodology – A “top-down” assessment is often prescribed to clients and begins by considering regions and industries and ultimately, focuses on detailed comparisons of counties, cities and sites in such a fashion to ultimately:

  1. Identify all available incentives sources. PALERMO | CREA conducts a thorough review of abatement, freeport exemption and rebate programs offered by state and local municipal sources.
  2. Develop and analyze candidate incentives. Subtleties exist within each offered inducement that require a “big picture” view of the potential benefits offset by the investment and compliance requirements. These actions are contingent upon identifying final locations, performing financial analyses and implementing a strategy for moving forward.
  3. Apply for and negotiate contract agreements. PALERMO | CREA prepares and submits all applications and obtains formal approvals. Incentive offers are solicited and enhancements are finalized as recommendations are issued.
  4. Administer incentives compliance. Within this phase, compliance procedures are established and required documentation is submitted over the term of the incentives that have been awarded.

Expert Witness Testimony

PALERMO | CREA will identify, filter and deliver the right expertise as a non-conflicted real estate expert witness to assist in making our clients more successful.

In addition to one-on-one consultation for investment managers and valuable resource for market intel to corporate decision makers, PALERMO | CREA provides skillful expert witness to attorneys, allowing them to focus on representing their clients and winning cases.

Corporate Relocation

Through Corporate Housing Associates LLC, an affiliated entity with PALERMO | CREA, we assist large and small corporations with all of their local, national and international relocation needs. Corporate Housing Associates provides numerous services that are aimed at making the relocation process both time-efficient and economical.
PALERMO | CREA will scope, competitively bid and manage the following service offerings:

  • Move coordination of equipment, furniture and personnel to the project site;
  • Expense Management;
  • Orientation Tour;
  • Concierge; and
  • Arranging for project-specific or simple employee relocation into interim residential accommodations.