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PALERMO | CREA, through its partnership relationships, routinely provides lease audit and common area maintenance (CAM) review services for clients throughout the local community, region and US. These efforts are designed to identify the client’s true occupancy costs and generate financial savings.

Estoppel and Non-disturbance Documentation Review

Periodically, landlords and lenders issue estoppel and non-disturbance agreements for clients to review and sign. As these agreements are binding contracts, it is important to have a market practitioner review and interpret their importance to the client. In support of our client’s own legal review, PALERMO | CREA offers insight into the motivations behind these requests in addition to validation of the germane terms and provisions.

To best match the particular client’s needs, our firm offers a variety of pricing programs which include an engagement based upon an hourly, project or a “success-free” basis, where our fees are contingent upon our ability to produced actual savings to the client.